Efreet YoYos Questions

What is "efreet"?

Efreet is a supernatural fire creature from the Islamic/Arabic folklore. Since we produce fire yoyos, among others, I decided this would be a cool name.

What is included in my efreet Fire YoYo box?

In your box you should find:

  1. Highest quality 7075 Aluminum yoyo.
  2. Special coating to reduce heat distribution.
  3. 10-ball, concave bearing.
  4. One set of small stacks.
  5. One disk-shaped stack.
  6. A single kevlar glove.
  7.  Handmade wooden box.
  8. Stickers.
  9. Instructions.


Can the efreet Fire YoYo really be lit on fire?

Yes! It can go up to 1 minute on each side, depending on your knot.

Do I need a special string to play with the efreet Fire YoYo?

No! Normal strings are absolutely fine.

Is the efreet Fire YoYo responsive? Can I perform all my tricks as usual?

The yoyo is unresponsive. You can perform all the tricks you want. If you remove the fire stacks, your yoyo is a very solid throw on its own.

Do I need special gloves to play with the efreet Fire YoYo?

There are two types of stacks. The small stacks should be used for performances. They do not protect against the heat on your yoyo and you should use your light kevlar glove on your throwing hand which is included in the box. The other disk-shaped stack are made for video shooting purposes without gloves. It is harder to setup, but making up to 2 throws without gloves is possible (we made our video this way). You should be very careful when you are not using gloves!

I can’t take my stacks off the yoyo. What should I do?

DO NOT PUSH THEM! You will damage the carving and your yoyo will be unusable. Try to unwind them very carefully on the sink with some hot water. It normally takes 10 seconds.

How long can my efreet Fire YoYo be lit on fire?

With the small stacks up to 1 minute, depending on your setup. So if you lit them consecutively this would allow for a 2 minute freestyle with the fire yoyo. The disk-shaped stacks would last approximately the same, depending on your setup.

How do I setup my efreet Fire YoYo?

Go to this page -> Click

Where can I buy your awesome yoyos?

Click HERE

General YoYo Questions

Where am I? What is this?

You are in the Matrix. And you are not Neo…

Moving on.

My yoyo tilts when I throw it. Shall I be angry at the manufacturer?

No. You have to practice a solid throw (sleeper). This will be developed over time. There is nothing wrong with your yoyo!

My yoyo doesn’t come back to my hand. Shall I get a 2$ yoyo instead?

No. You bought an unresponsive yoyo, i.e. one that doesn’t come back to the hand easily. This way you can perform more complicated tricks. To get it back up you need to learn a trick called “Bind”. Youtube search “bind yoyo tutorial” and you are golden.

My yoyo won’t wind. What the hell?

You need to do this: 

My yoyo vibrates. Shall I cry?

Depends. If my 500$ special edition XXX yoyo from XXX company was to vibrate, I would cry. Vibrations sometimes can be fixed, though. You can try the following:

  1. Change the axle.
  2. Try to centre your axle, i.e. make it even on both sides of the yoyo.
  3. Try to tighten or untighten the yoyo carefully.
  4. Change the bearing (rarely helps).
  5. Change the silicone stickers. This could probably fix a string vibe, but not a yoyo vibe.

If none of the above helps then you probably have hit your yoyo very hard and it has dings. Congratulations. There is no turning back.